How does the booking process work?

To make a reservation for a flat with Apartamentos Los Lagos you must follow 3 simple steps. Please click on the following link to discover how easy it is to book. How do I book?

Is it necessary to pay a deposit for the flat?

In most of our accommodations a deposit is required. In this case, you will be asked to pay a cash or credit card deposit upon arrival. The amount varies depending on the flat or house you have booked. Please confirm the amount that will be required in the file of the selected accommodation. Sometimes the deposit will be required in cash and sometimes by credit card. This will be specified in the arrival instructions once your booking has been confirmed.

What happens if something happens?

Apartamentos Los Lagos is not responsible for the consequences that may arise from the use of the flat by the client, including damage, injury, loss, theft, fire or criminal activity.

If you break anything, please call Apartamentos Los Lagos or the owner of the accommodation as soon as possible in order to assess the damage. We will try to fix and replace the broken items as soon as possible while we assess whether or not you should pay for the damage.

In case of failures or anomalies in the supply of any public or community service not attributable to Apartamentos Los Lagos, they will not be responsible for any damages that may be caused to the tenants.

What are the arrival and departure times?

Arrivals: The client will have the flat or house at his/her disposal from 5pm on the day of arrival. Please call our telephone numbers 974 551733 or 609 448894 if the arrival will be later than 9pm. If you wish to occupy a flat or house before that time, please contact us and we will try to arrange your arrival earlier.

Departures: The scheduled time for departures will be before 10:00 on the last day of the stay. If you wish to leave the flat or house later, please contact us and we will let you know if it is possible and what the cost is.

How do I get the keys to the flat?

The day before your arrival at the flat or house, please make sure you reconfirm the estimated time of arrival by phone with the contact person listed on your booking confirmation. On the day of your arrival the contact person will wait for you at the agreed time in the flat, hand over the keys and show you the accommodation.

In some cases, we will tell you to go to the Apartamentos Los Lagos office in the destination city where you will be given the keys and instructions about the reserved flat.

Who can assist me if I need help or information during my stay?

For any question related to the flat or the city, the person in charge of making the entrance will attend you during your stay. In any case, in addition to this contact person during working hours you can call our office and any of the members of Apartamentos Los Lagos will answer your questions. In case of emergency, outside office hours, clients can call the emergency phone number that will be provided to you at check-in.

How should I leave the flat or house?

On departure the tenant must leave the accommodation in a considerable state, tidy and swept away. Items inside and outside the accommodation such as furniture etc. should be put back in their original place (as on arrival). The kitchen, its utensils and dishes must be left clean and stored in its place (otherwise 100 ? will be charged). The Accommodation Provider has the right to make a final inspection. If the Accommodation Provider observes that several pieces of furniture have not been put in their original place or if the accommodation is not in a considerable state of order and sweep, the Accommodation Provider is entitled to charge the additional cost to the hirer.

What is the basic equipment of the flat?

All our flats and houses are equipped with bedding. There is always toilet paper in the bathrooms on arrival.

We are not allowed to leave any food in the flats. Therefore, if your arrival is going to be late, we recommend that you bring the basic products for daily use, such as salt, milk, oil, sugar, etc.

For more information about the equipment of a particular accommodation, please check the “characteristics” section in the fact sheet that describes each one of them.

How many people can enter the flat or house?

The client must communicate the total number of people who will occupy the flat and therefore only those people will be able to use it according to the maximum capacity of each flat. Occupation with a higher number of people than indicated could result in the termination of the rental contract and the loss of the deposit. In this case, the payments made will not be refunded and the client will have to pay the total amount of the rent and will not be able to request compensation or indemnification of any kind for the execution of this measure. If the client intends to accommodate more people than those contracted in the accommodation, he/she must request this from Apartamentos Los Lagos or the owner and the owner may refuse to do so or demand payment of an additional charge. The client undertakes to occupy the accommodation in accordance with the general rules in force.

The client will provide his/her name, telephone number and e-mail address when making the reservation.

Apartamentosbenasque.com reserves the right to request the same information about the other occupants if necessary.

Can I bring my pet?

If the client intends to bring pets, he/she will have to notify us and only with the express authorisation of Apartamentos Los Lagos or the owner, will it be allowed to have a pet in the accommodation (many owners do not admit pets). The provider of the accommodation will require an additional payment per pet, as well as an additional amount of Deposit.

How should I behave in the flat or house?

The client and his or her companions must behave in a civic manner and respect the rules of coexistence. The rest hours are from 22.00 PM to 10.00 AM. We will greatly appreciate your collaboration in this matter and we hope you understand that the rest of the residents’ rest must be respected

Loud music and parties are forbidden. Guests staying in a flat or house of Apartamentos Los Lagos should be aware that if parties take place or loud music is heard, or neighbours complain and/or call the police, this can lead to immediate eviction regardless of the time of day or night.

The person holding the rental contract for the accommodation will be responsible for the correct behaviour of all the occupants of the flat or holiday home. The client, when signing the check-in contract, will be subject to the correct and decent behaviour of all persons accompanying him. If this person, or any of the people accompanying him/her does not behave in a proper and responsible way, Apartamentos Los Lagos will have the right to ask the client and the people accompanying him/her to leave the flat or house without the right to future claims or any kind of compensation. Neither Apartamentos Los Lagos nor the owner of the flat or house will be held responsible for any type of damage, direct or indirect, that may be caused as a consequence of the client’s misuse, including, without limitation, losses due to fire, theft, accidents or other types of damage.

No animals are allowed in the flats, flats or holiday homes except by special permission.

Smoking is not permitted in the flats, except on balconies, terraces, patios and gardens. Failure to comply with any of the above rules will result in the loss of the prepaid rent and the refundable security deposit.

Any failure to comply with the conditions set out above, will give Apartamentos Los Lagos the right to demand the immediate abandonment of the flat and will determine the termination of the contract, without the client being able to request compensation of any kind for the execution of this measure.

Booking a flat or holiday home with Apartamentos Los Lagos implies the absolute and unconditional acceptance of these general conditions, as well as the jurisdiction and competence of the local courts and tribunals, with express waiver of the own jurisdiction, if different.

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